NDCA “In The News”

Benzene no longer a childhood leukemia risk?
Medical Muckraker, epiNewswire, 7/27/2010.

Confronting the Toxics that Cause Childhood Illnesses in Arizona and Nationally Indymedia Arizona, 6/1/2010.

Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins are Making our Children Critically Ill
Tucson Weekly, 6/1/2010.

Death by Study: Scientists keep fighting to explain high instances of childhood leukemia in Sierra Vista—even as the government has given up
Tucson Weekly, 3/4/2010

Fallon Cancer Cluster Investigation Advocate Dies
Reno Gazette Journal, 6/3/2009

Fundraising Event for the National Disease Cluster Alliance.
American Public Health Association, 10/1/2008.

Lyndhurst addresses cancer fear with new study
Alexis Tarrazi, The Leader Newspaper, 10/1/2008.

Investigation of Disease Clusters: Transitioning to the 21st Century and Beyond Rutgers University Workshop Program, 5/8/2008.

Activists form alliance to fight cancer clusters
Reno Gazette-Journal, 8/27/2007

Outside help tapped in Victor pollution case
By Julie Sherwood, Messenger Post, 8/2/2007.

Adequacy of State Capacity to Address Noncommunicable Disease Clusters in the Era of Environmental Public Health Tracking
Nadia Shalauta Juzych, ScD, MS, Beth Resnick, MPH, Robin Streeter, MS, MPH, Julie Herbstman, ScM, Joanna Zablotsky, MPH, Mary Fox, PhD, and Thomas A. Burke, PhD, MPH. Am J Public Health. 2007 April; 97(Supplement_1): S163–S169. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2006.096453.

For the Kids: Since government agencies often ignore or dismiss disease clusters, parents and scientists are taking matters into their own hands
Tucson Weekly, 5/18/2006.

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NDCA Board Members “In The News”

Trevor Smith:
Boise cancer survivor becomes environmental crusader
Idaho Statesman, 3/9/2010

Extraordinary people of 2007: Most courageous – Trevor Smith
Idaho Statesman, 12/27/2007

Rebecca Morley:

Home Safe Home with Rebecca Morley, The National Center for Healthy Housing Video (6:44 minutes).
Being There for Your Family, 7/14/2009

Federal agencies start summit on healthy homes
By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY, 9/14/2008.

Dan Wartenberg:
Determining a ‘cluster,’ like that in The Acreage, isn’t easy, experts say
Palm Beach Post, 6/28/2010

Kettleman City cleft deformities raise questions of a cluster case
Los Angeles Times, 2/22/2010

Zoe Kelman
New Chromium Standard in NJ – Thanks Reporters! by David Michaels. The Pump Handle: A Water Cooler for the Public Health Crowd. 2/12/2007.

Waterfront Development Tests New Jersey’s Handling of Toxic Dumps
New York Times, 10/2/2006.

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