Searching for Answers: Trevor Schaeffer

McCall, Idaho

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Searching for Answers: Stephanie Sands

Fallon, Nevada

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Searching for Answers: Camp Lejeune

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Urgent: Toxic Reform Bills are before the Senate

The public desperately needs to understand how profoundly different these two toxic bills are.  The first bill, sponsored by Senators Vitter and Udall, places the burden of proof on the public to prove a chemical is harmful or safe; the second bill, sponsored by Senators Boxer and Markey, places the burden of proof on industry […]

Our Children’s Trust

We are going to hear more and more about this exciting movement where children are holding our federal government accountable.  They are using the Public Trust Doctrine. The Public Trust Doctrine (“PTD”) holds that governments have the fiduciary duty to protect vital natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Our Children’s Trust […]

NY Bans Fracking

NYS Governor Cuomo, deferred to the experts, and announced a statewide ban on fracking yesterday. It is based a 6 year study that concluded the potential risks to human health and the environment “substantially outweigh any potential economic benefits” of fracking. From NYSDOH press release: Acting DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker and NTSDEC Commissioner Joe […]

Arrest and Intimidation of Environmental Activist in Idaho

As reported by the Boise Weekly, local police arrested Alma Hasse at a Payette County Planning and Zoning public meeting.  Hasse has generated a name for herself with her environmental advocacy and activism speaking out most recently about natural gas development in the area:   Boise Weekly has seen Alma Hasse in action many times over […]


A report, released Wednesday by the Environmental Integrity Project, found that the hydraulic fracturing fluid, used to create cracks in deep rock formations, contains highly toxic compounds.   An act of Congress in 2005, removed these compounds and any other chemicals associated with the tracking industry from any federal regulations.  This act is known as […]

Florida Town: Brain Cancer Cluster in Girls

THE NATION reported on October 14th, 2014 on the Brain Cancer Cluster found in a southern Florida community.   The families feel Defense Contractors are to blame. “Based on the calculations in the report from the Florida Department of Health, a girl’s chance of getting a brain tumor in the Acreage was five and a […]

Cancer Clusters in areas surrounding Toxic Dumping, Naples

More than 500,000 people live in the region, and the Lancet study and other reports have documented cancer rates far above the national average. While no study has sought to prove a direct link, a World Health Organization report conducted with national and local health institutions documented clusters of liver, kidney, pancreatic and other cancers in areas known as dump sites.

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